Catherine Cookson's The Cinder Path

The Cinder Path tells the tale of Charlie Macfell, an innocent witness to the murder of his cruel and sadistic landowner father. Believing himself to be the only person aware that his childhood friend Arthur Benton is the killer, Charlie tries to set old injustices to right by protecting his friend from prosecution.

Written by legendary author Dame Catherine Cookson, The Cinder Path is a sizzling and fast-moving drama set against the backdrop of WW1.

Featuring Nick Cochrane (Coronation Street) as Ginger Slater, this is real theatre at its very best, filled with laughter, tears and an unforgettable musical score.

Tuesday 11th February 2020 - 3pm
Tickets £23 Adults / £20

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The Spa Pavilion
Undercliff Road West
IP11 2DX