Private Lives

By Noel Coward
Directed by Alan Morris

Monday 15th - Saturday 20th May 2017

Private Lives is a superbly crafted comedy of manners.  The humour lies in the situation, the cleverly drawn characters and the easy wit of the lines.  It was was first performed in 1930 with Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence in the title roles and a young Laurence Olivier playing the main support. The plot is driven by the interactions between two newly married couples, Elyot and Sybil, and Amanda and Victor. The newlyweds find themselves honeymooning in the same hotel in France and sharing a terrace. The problem is that Elyot and Amanda have already been married before - to one another!   

Having fallen out with their new spouses, Elyot and Amanda eventually realise that they are still in love with each and run away together to Amanda's flat in Paris.  However, as the play progresses it becomes clear that, while they can't be apart, they can't live together either.  Small tiffs eventually become a major brawl and by the time that Victor and Sybil arrive at the flat to collect their errant spouses the scene is set for almost any possible outcome.

Doors open 7:15pm, show starts 7:45pm.


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