This Queer House

This is a love story. This is a queer love story. A couple build a home together, plan on raising a child, create a family. There’s just one thing they’ve got to do first – tell their friends. Leah, a successful academic, becomes pregnant with the help of a gay friend. Oli, a noted artist begins to navigate & document their transness & their changing body. Together they have known publicly as lesbians, but that when that changes they begin to ‘pass’ through the world as a heterosexual couple. A deep rift opens between them both & the outside world.  
This Queer House is a play which reflects the seismic shifts that social change has brought for queer people, alongside the persisting seduction of ‘normality’. Asking what it means to be ‘radical’ or ‘assimilatory’ and questioning how helpful either of these terms are. A play about family-making, the problem of community and the responsibilities that come with those we come to call family.

Date: Saturday 20 July | 5 pm
Age: 15+
Price: £5
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street