Walking on Water - Writing Workshop with Alyson Hallett

Sunday 17 March 10.30pm-1.30pm
The Writers' Block, The Ladder, 2-4 Clinton Road, Redruth, TR15 2QE
Tickets: £20 for workshop only. £25 for workshop & reading (2.30-5.30pm).

In this workshop we'll be looking at how poetry can take us into the realm of the impossible. There will be a focus on how to think new thoughts in our poems and how to articulate entangled and complex relationships.  There will be exercises to fire and inspire the imagination and no previous writing experience is necessary.

Alyson Hallett

Alyson's latest publication is End of the Glacier, poems that respond to the glacier paintings of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. Her previous book was Tilted Ground, a book of poems and provocations that came out of a residency in a geology department. Alyson has curated the international poetry and public art project The Migration Habits of Stones for the past twenty years, and has sited stones with text carved into them in different countries around the world.

http://www.alysonhallett.com & http://www.thestonelibrary.com

Falmouth Poetry Group

Falmouth Poetry Group was founded in 1972 by Penelope Shuttle and the late Peter Redgrove, originally meeting in Peter's room at what was then the Falmouth College of Art on Wood Lane. It meets fortnightly for critical workshops, and acts as a discussion forum for work-in-progress. We still follow the workshop method used by The Group founded by Philip Hobsbaum, of which Redgrove was a founder member. FPG id an open-door group, and acts as a dynamic and influential source of inspiration and encouragement to poets in Cornwall, and has an excellent record of achievement.

In partnership with Falmouth Poetry Group, after the workshop there will be a poetry reading from Alyson Hallett with opportunity to read your own writing. This will be 2.30-4pm, and you are welcome to stay in-between the sessions.  Tickets for the reading only can be found HERE.


The Writers’ Block
The Ladder
2-4 Clinton Rd
TR15 2QE