Getting Noticed Masterclass with Luke Thompson

10-1pm Wednesday  3 July 
Kresen Kernow, Little Vauxhall, Redruth TR15 1AS
Tickets: £20

Navigating agents and editors for the first time is daunting and can be confusing. What do they want? When do they want it? And what is a synopsis anyway? In this practical workshop we take a whistlestop tour of how works of non-fiction are pitched and commissioned to agents and editors, taking a look at what is expected and what is meant. This workshop will focus on non-fiction projects but will be relevant to writers of fiction too. 

Luke Thompson is a writer and a publisher, so he sees proposals from both sides of the table. His forthcoming work, Domadomadoma-Blumblumblum: Conversations with Other Animals will be published by Ortac Press in September 2024.
Kresen Kernow
Little Vauxhall
TR15 1AS