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25th Anniversary Event : Simon Jenkins in Wells Cathedral

Friday 29 September - 7 pm   SOLD OUT

England's Cathedrals

Cathedrals are by far the most magnificent buildings in England, and each has its own fiercely distinctive personality. They embrace sculpture, painting, stained glass, woodcarving, calligraphy and music, and they overwhelm both the sense and the emotions.  Simon Jenkins’ tour of England's history, via its cathedrals, points out the best ones and Wells is one of his favourites. 

To celebrate our 'happy cathedral' and the 25th Anniversary of our Festival of Literature, Simon will speak at this special event in this special cathedral.  Along with Ely and Lincoln, Wells figures as one of his 'three graces', the one to which he is inclined to 'hand the palm'. 

“Inspired……encourages us to take a fresh look at the familiar”.  The Times

Simon Jenkins is a journalist and author. He writes for the Guardian as well as broadcasting for the BBC. He has edited the Times and the London Evening Standard and chaired the National Trust. His recent books include England's Hundred Best Views, and Mission Accomplished? The Crisis of International Intervention.

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Simon will also be signing copies of his brand new book Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations


Wells Cathedral
Cathedral Green