Wednesday Films: Red Joan (2018)

Starring Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson and
Stephen Cambell Moore

Directed by Trevor Nunn 

Joan Stanley(Judi Dench) in old age  is questioned by Special Branch about her activities whilst studying physics at Cambridge in the late 1930’s. Was she really working for the Soviet Union?
Based on the novel by Jennie Rooney which was inspired by real events.

English born Joan Stanley, a Soviet and communist party sympathizer, becomes employed as a British government civil servant, and gets recruited by the KGB in the mid 1930s. She successfully transfers nuclear bomb secrets to the Soviet Union (Russia), which enables them to keep up with the west in the development of atomic weapons, and remains undetected as a spy for over a half a century.

Wed 2 Oct, 2pm. Tickets £8

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