INK Festival: The Feast from the East

A selection of new plays brought to
Westacre Theatre directly from the prestigious
INK Writers' Festival

This selection of the best short plays from the INK Festival 2019 provides thrilling evidence of the variety and depth of talent in East Anglia. Like perfectly formed pop tunes, these plays are by turns funny, sexy, touching, and delightfully to the point. The pleasure of watching them is that they leave you wanting more.
And they beg the question why on earth don’t more theatres showcase such beautifully crafted entertainment?
Like short films they provide a fantastic platform for aspiring writers and wonderfully quirky stories. Unlike short films they have the energy and immediacy of live performance. INK takes enormous pride in being the biggest producer of original short plays in the country. The fact that we’re East Anglian gives us a Fool’s License to champion local voices (some new, some extremely famous) from our corner of the world. And we work extremely hard to source directors and actors at the top of their game to bring these scripts to life.

Our patrons and campaigning saints are the actress Helen Atkinson Wood, the writer Esther Freud,
and the tempestuous performance poet Luke Wright.
INK is five years old. The co-founder and Artistic Director of INK is Julia Sowerbutts. The Associate Directors are Jane Zarins and
James Christopher.

The plays:
AFTER PROSPERO by Martha Loader, directed by Peter Kavanagh
Comic parable for our times set some 400 years after Shakespeare’s The Tempest. A storm is about to break over Prospero’s flooded island home. Squabbling sisters, Ariel and Miranda, are reunited for their father’s wake.

NINA’S NOT OKAY by Shappi Khorsandi, directed by Jane Zarins
A night out on the tiles with 17-year-old Nina is fuelled by something far more potent than drink.

WELLINGTON by Scarlett Curtis, directed by Jane Zarins
Three quirky women — granny, mum, and daughter — cram on the sofa and they watch the royal wedding on television.

MIXED UP by James Mcdermott, directed by James Christopher
A comedy about music, mix tapes and feeling mixed up.

BUS STOP written and directed by Dan Allum
A clean-cut American is taunted and teased by a precocious lass as they wait for the last bus to the unlovely Green Hill Estate in Huddersfield.

THAT’S GREAT! by Shaun Kitchener, directed by Paul Schlesinger
Rory is desperate to go out with Jake. His flat mate Harry is desperate to help him. So why does the plan go so desperately wrong?

THE SOUND GUY by Corin Child, directed by Peter Broad
A clumsy sound technician is having a serious problem with his plugs at a rally organised by right-wing

Thur 25 Apr, 7.00pm
Tickets £12
Running time 2hrs (inc. 15min interval)
For information on all things INK (including how to take part) phone 01986 872 555; or go to the website here.
Westacre Theatre
River Road
PE32 1UD