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Gospel Singing Workshop

Sunday 10th March 2024: 2pm to 4pm
Dance Blast (behind the Melville Theatre), Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny

We are delighted that Tania Walker has agreed to lead our 2024 programme of acapella Gospel Singing workshop. The workshops aim to be fun events that anyone can enjoy.

Poetry & Jazz Improvisation

Sunday 24th March 2024: 8pm
Melville Theatre, Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny

When merging poetry into the field of jazz on a spontaneous platform, anything can happen.  This programme is for open ears and free spirits.  Join our poets and musicians as they seek to 'break down the barriers'.

Transatlantic Hot Club with guest Tara Minton

Sunday 21st April 2023: 8pm
Melville Centre, Abergavenny

The Transatlantic Hot Club is joined by a special guest - the wonderful Tara Minton on voice.  Expect to hear Swing classics, Django standards, and Latin Bossa Nova explored with a totally unique take on the style of Grappelli and Reinhardt.