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Laying The Ghost

“Laying the Ghost” mixes laugh-out-loud comedy with sensitive and touching moments.
Margot Buchanan, an ex-actress living in an ex-actor’s retirement home, is trying to forget it’s her seventieth birthday but all those around her are intent on reminding her.

Even Freda, her eccentric and psychic best friend, won’t let her forget it. 
Worse still, the tabloids are having a field day with her former husband, Sir Leo Buchanan, who she would also rather forget.

Unfortunately for Margot, she is about to have a very eventful day with a number of unexpected and unwelcome guests.  First is Sadie Croft, an aspiring young actress who wants acting tips for playing a passionate Juliet.  They are interrupted by the arrival of Lady Judy Buchanan, Sir Leo's current wife, also supposedly trying to mark the birthday.  And then, Sir Leo arrives, firstly as himself and then as a ghost, adding to the mounting chaos !

If that hasn’t ruined Margot’s special day, then something else surely will!
Everything finally sorts itself out but not before a deeply touching ending when Margot receives a very unexpected birthday gift.