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The Best of British Comedy

The 1950s were a golden age of radio comedy, with millions tuning in to the wireless to hear stars such as Frankie Howerd, Leslie Phillips, Richard Murdoch, and others. Among the most popular programmes, regularly commanding huge audiences, were Hancock's Half Hour, Round The Horne, Take It From Here and The Goon Show, and it is these four fondly remembered shows that The Civic Players will be re-creating. On a stage resembling a period BBC radio theatre, the cast will gather round microphones, scripts in hand, and perform for the audience, just as Tony Hancock, Jimmy Edwards, Kenneth Williams, Peter Sellers and all the other stars would have done. But don't think that these will be simple readings, the performances will be just as full on and energetic as you would expect, and, being 'radio', the sound effects will be created live in front of the audience, whether that be a simple door opening, someone hiding in a dustbin, or a duck being attacked. It really will have to be seen to be believed!