Secret Gardens of Cornwall with Tim Hubbard

'A glorious celebration of some of the finest gardens in a county whose climate makes them especially breath-taking'. 
Alan Titchmarsh

Join us to celebrate the most extraordinary gardens in Cornwall with Mousehole-based writer Tim Hubbard. His book: Secret Gardens of Cornwall, is a celebration of the best gardens this county has to offer.

“As well as talking about the other gardens featured in the book, there’ll be a focus on one iconic garden local to us in Penzance. Even though thousands of people visit St Michael’s Mount each year, the private family gardens, tucked away out of sight on the seaward side of the famous castle, are still a secret to most of them. Tim will be talking to Darren Little, Head Gardener and asking how he and his team manage to grow such spectacular plants in such an exposed location and Darren will be explaining some of the tricks and tips we can all use at home in our own Cornish gardens to help our plans survive the winter storms. He’ll also be discovering why ropes and crampons are as important as spades and secateurs in the Mount gardener’s potting sheds and revealing why the design of the planting schemes has to look good from every angle.”

The 20 beautiful gardens included here from secret coastal woodlands, lush subtropical valleys, traditional country estates and wave-lashed clifftops. Tim will share some fascinating stories he has discovered when interviewing their owners.

Wednesday 8th November 2023 - 7.30pm

Tickets £6.00
Edge of the World Bookshop
25/26 Market Jew Street
TR18 2HR