Terms & Conditions

Guelph Little Theatre (“GLT”, “We” , “Us” and “Our”) Box Office - Terms and Conditions of Booking and Sale

Each customer who reserves or purchases a ticket via The Guelph Little Theatre website agrees, by that action, to these terms and conditions.

1. Online Box Office Usage
a. These full terms and conditions apply to tickets sold through the GLT website and should be read prior to purchase, as purchase or reservation of a ticket means you accept all the terms and conditions.
b. The information contained in this website has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about GLT, the performances at the theatre, and for making online bookings for those performances.
c. By using the GLT website you will be assuming all risks associated with the use of the site, including damage to your computer, software or data.
d. You will use this website for personal private use only.

2. Tickets
a. Tickets for sale online are subject to availability.
b. You should check your ticket at the time of purchase and contact us immediately if there is an error.
c. We shall not be responsible for any tickets that are lost, stolen or destroyed.

3. Payment
GLT does not process online payments directly.  Your payment is processed on Our behalf by Our payment provider (Stripe).  We do not have access to any payment information that you provide during the online transaction.  That information is subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Our payment provider.

4. Delivery
Tickets will be sent via email for you to print.   If you cannot print your own tickets, please email boxoffice@guelphlittletheatre.com to arrange to have your tickets printed and held for pick up. 

5. Refunds and Exchanges
a. Once tickets have been paid for We are unable to provide a refund.
b. We can exchange tickets for a future event. You must complete the ticket exchange at least 24 hours in advance of the performance shown on your tickets.

6. Cancellation
When possible, We shall contact you via email in the event of cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which you have purchased a ticket; however, there is no guarantee you be notified personally of a cancellation. It is your responsibility to determine if the event you have booked is cancelled or rescheduled (see also Refunds and Exchanges). Any cancellations will be posted on the GLT website as far in advance as possible.

7. Conditions of admission
a. We reserve the right to refuse admission.
b. We reserve the right to request patrons to leave the premises.
c. You should retain your ticket as it may be required for re-admission.
d. You must comply with safety announcements and instructions given by the ushers and front of house personnel.
e. Animals are not permitted within the venue, with the exception of registered service animals. We reserve the right to require documentation from a regulated health professional supporting the need for the service animal. We additionally reserve the right to reassign seats to accommodate the space requirements for the service animal.

8. Data Protection
Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, We have a legal duty to protect any information We collect from you. Personal data you give will be used exclusively for providing you with the information or service that you have requested. Once you have booked tickets with Us, your name, phone number and email address will be held in Our records.  We shall not contact you for any reason other than to provide information about the tickets you have purchased.   We shall not share your personal data with outside organizations and/or individuals except as required by Canadian or Ontario law.

If you wish to receive information about Us and Our program of events, please check the box indicating you wish to be added to Our mailing list during the booking process.  

9. Accuracy
The information contained within this site is correct at time of publication. We reserve the right to make alterations and are not liable for any errors or omissions.

Please direct any questions about these terms and conditions to boxoffice@guelphlittletheatre.com.