Can Lightning Strike Twice?

Having followed all the rules, have you not often hoped that the friend, who seems to get everything in spite of being a little immoral or a little bit bent, should be struck down and punished for their evil ways?  Especially since you, the righteous one, always seem to have to bail them out and never get recognition for doing the good deed. Recognition, you don’t even get acknowledgment in this world that you even exist. Why can they get ahead? Why do they get all the perks, just once, just once, why not you? This comedy with a twist is just such a story, a journey down the path of hopeful retribution. When our immoral golf pro friend Don “Juan” Defleur gets himself in a little deeper than he planned with both his current mistress and also his older female benefactor, all hell breaks loose in Howard’s small studio apartment in the heart of downtown Acton. Add to that a gunshot, a lightning storm, a robbery at the elite golf course Glenn Acton and of course our dogs body Howard working madly to keep all the balls in the air and still hoping that Don will learn his lesson and become a decent human being, and you get Roxanne Thornton’s masterly crafted comedy “Can Lightning Strike Twice?”. 

Courtesy of the Playwright.

Guelph Little Theatre
176 Morris St
N1E 5M7