Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

This traditional family-friendly pantomime is packed with excitement, slapstick, a ghost scene, stunning costumes, song and dance… All we need is participation from you, the audience. 

Dame Gertie and her daughter Goldilocks, with the help of Silly Billy and the Ringmaster, run Gertie’s Circus. One night their takings, which are saved in a honey pot, are stolen. Goldilocks finds the honey pot with the Three Bears who had taken it thinking it was full of honey. The Dancing Bears join the circus, and become the most popular act! 
A rival circus owner, Heinkel, wants the Bears for his own show... will he succeed in ruining Gertie’s Circus and stealing the Bears, or will Goldilocks save the day? 

Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th December 2021 - 2pm & 6.30pm each day

Early Bird until 21st Nov:  £11.50 / £7.50
Rear Stalls £8.00

From 22nd Nov:  £13.50 / £9.00
Rear Stalls £8.00

Group of 10 or more people: £1 off each ticket when booked at the same time and for the same performance. Not applicable with early bird offer.
Please ring the box office on 07708 277327 for group discounts.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs must be at the back of the rear stalls, and each wheelchair space must be booked with a seat for a carer; there is no charge for a carer.

Concessions: are for under 16s, pensioners and those on benefits.
Greenford Hall
Ruislip Road