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Friday 8th December
Doors open @ 7pm

Wolf Gordon is nothing more than a humble singer-songwriter from the hills of Thirroul, and Broken road is an EP formed out of nothing more than a steel string guitar, a set of harmonicas, a stomp-box and an old pair of boots.To complement the raw, rootsy feel of the songs Wolf teamed up with two of the most prominent musicians in the Illawarra – bass legend Matt Crawford, and rhythm prodigy Paul Harrison, a musical combination that led to the trio’s unique sound. “We didn’t set out to emulate anybody or redefine a genre or anything like that, all we were trying to do was tell a story through song. What fell out was somewhere in the realm of folk rock, but nobody is quite sure where”. 
The trio are amping up for a big 2018 with a number of local shows booked including the Illawarra Folk Festival, and Jamberoo Music Festival.

George Michael Relived

George Michael Relived” is an electrically charged show which covers all of the great George Michael eras taking you on a journey from the early years of Wham through to today.

George Michael Relived performs the songs we all know and love such as: Faith, Careless Whisper, Fast Love, Outside, Last Christmas, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, I’m Your Man, Freedom and Everything She Wants, to name just a few.

A fantastic musical experience performing the best of singer songwriter George Michael from the 80s and spanning the last 3 decades. George’s music is iconic and his songs are recognised all over the world.

Presented by Smooth Jazz Australia who have introduced us to Men of Soul, Ladies of Soul, The Unforgettable Experience, George Benson/Al Jarreau Experience, 80’s Dance Grooves and others are preparing the dance floor and giving it up to the music of George Michael.

With the recent loss of George Michael, his music is more moving, than ever. These songs have stayed within our hearts and our minds.

Featuring tight harmonies from some of Sydney’s best singers and a killer band, this will be a Funky Saturday night to remember.

So get ready to dance and sing along to all your favourite songs.

Hey your just to funky for me!


Sarah McLeod

Anyone who has lived for a time in London will know the expression, “you wait an age for a bus, then three come along at once.” Sarah McLeod has called London home, but it was in New York when the cavalry arrived.

McLeod, the singer and guitarist with the ARIA Award winning, platinum-selling rockers The Superjesus, hunkered down in the bitter cold of New York in the new year to construct “Rocky’s Diner,” her long-awaited new solo album.

“Rocky’s Diner” is the culmination of a radical change of creative gears for McLeod, who shaped the project from scratch in near-complete isolation during a three-month stint in the Big Apple. McLeod found her muse as she watched the world go by outside her Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment, as locals got about their daily life, trundling through another harsh winter.

“This album has reinvented my brain,” she explained. “I wanted to be completely by myself and write the record in its entirety from start to finish in one creative whirlwind. It was my biggest musical challenge to-date”.

On “Rocky’s Diner,” McLeod showcases her maturity as a songwriter, and her gift for melding grooves and soul within a rock framework. “With every song I write I learn so much more, it’s like I teach myself as I go. It feels like I learn something new every day, which is really strange at my age. This record was a really big step in a good direction for me as far as how I feel about my songwriting and how I look at the process. I feel I’ve come a long way and I’ve still got better in me. There’s still new tricks I haven’t put into practice yet.”

Twelve years have passed since McLeod’s last solo album release, “Beauty Was a Tiger” (a live album “Live & Acoustic” dropped the following year, in 2006). Distraction is, admittedly, a bitter enemy of McLeod.  “I’ve been busy in my career, but I haven’t been attacking it as I should have been. I have a short attention span so I get swept up by different types of music scenes which, although educational, could be confusing to anyone trying to get a feel for my style,” she explains. ”That’s why it’s taken me so long to do another record. And that’s why I needed to write it all in one hit.”

McLeod found her studio getaway on Craigslist and she carried a full functioning studio in her luggage to complete the project. The NYC experience was all business. “I took my whole studio setup, a Samsonite hardcase and filled it. I even took my desktop computer. All my suitcases were full of equipment. I took no clothes, except what I was wearing and bought more clothes when I got there. I didn’t even bring clothes to go out in just so I wouldn’t be compelled to down-tools and go partying.”

The process of forced isolation proved a creative masterstroke. With the tap switched on, music poured out, and McLeod found the drive and inspiration to write a book of the process, an extract from which can be found in these notes. She was so energized by the process, she’s mapped out a five-year plan of recordings. The cavalry truly arrived. “It was such a great decision, I’m so glad I did it.”

Those fighting words are the energy behind “Rocky’s Diner.” As its title would suggest, “Rocky’s Diner” is inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s slugfest “Rocky” franchise, which has been on high-rotation at McLeod’s house. The new LP draws imagery from her experiences eating out in New York’s Little Italy district and hammering those films. “I used to go to a place called Rocky’s, which sadly wasn’t there I returned in early 2016. The feeling when you go into some of these places in Little Italy is that they’re more than just places to eat, they’re soul -enriching places where the bar staff sit and talk to you. It’s almost a lonely hearts club.”

With a batch of “very elaborate demos” in hand, McLeod took the production seat, starting at Sydney’s 301 and Pow Wow Studios, with Steve Balbi as executive producer . Then one last stint at A Sharp Studios with long time collaborater and friend Mick Skelton. “The demos are pretty much a low-fi version of the album,” McLeod recalls, “though I was singing softer and triple-tracking because I was worried the neighbours would hear it.”

Though more than a decade has passed since her debut solo set, McLeod has been anything but idle in her music career. Her group, The Superjesus, released “The Setting Sun" in June 2015, their first new single in more than a decade.  The track "St. Peters Lane" arrived in November 2015 of that year and the "Love and Violence" EP dropped in August 2016. And there have been musical changes of tac along the way, including a few flirtations with electronic dance music. McLeod had a couple of surprise club hits with her songs “He Doesn't Love You” and  “Hurricane,” the latter received a Euro-house treatment with a remix by Dzeko and Torres (the earliest vision of the song finds its way onto the new album). McLeod toured the country in 2016 with her buddies The Baby Animals on the She Who Rocks tour, and in one of the most special moments of her career, she and her bandmates were inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame during a ceremony earlier this year in Adelaide.

McLeod is looking forward to unleashing her new songs on the road this August, and a full-scale national tour is booked for later in the year in support of “Rocky’s Diner.”

“I love this album,” she says of “Rocky’s Diner.”  “I’m so glad I took the care with the lyrics. I’m feeling every word.”


Belle Miners & Fred Smith, Double Album Launch w Mignon (support)


Friday the 5th January
Doors open @ 7PM

Join us for an exceptional evening of music combining the album launches of two exceptional talents, Belle Miners and Fred Smith, who each will be launching albums at the Heritage Hotel. 

Folk/pop band Belle Miners released their debut album Powerful Owl in November and it has been described as having “a living, breathing quality to it like the best of Missy Higgins' work” - Jubilant (LA)The Music writes “Belle Miners trade in effortlessly euphonious soundscapes, drawing in their listeners with lush, soaring harmonies, strong, powerful melodies and personable lyrics set against deftly executed, acoustic-driven instrumentation.”
The trio, Canadian-based Felicia Harding and Marina Avros and Australian-based Jaime Jackett (from Broome) combine exquisite harmonies and relatable stories into a 10-track upbeat sonic journey covering themes from love and loss to overcoming life-threatening illness. 'Strange World' and 'Night Flight' are inspired by Jaime's 11-year’s spent living with brain cancer. Lead single ‘Fall In Love With Me’ is dedicated to same-sex marriage, and ’25 Years’ is an ode to enduring relationships.

Fred Smith. Songwriter, comedian, raconteur and author Fred Smith presents songs from his rich back catalogue and his new album “Great” – a wry interrogation of American politics, history and pathologies. “Fred Smith is an exceptional songwriter and certainly the equal of Bogle, Walker and Schumann…the most interesting folk musician working in Australia. In tune with the times and prepared to reach beyond predictable folk formats, he is endlessly innovative and creative. He is also very funny” Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald 


Tony Sarno with The Darren Jack Band Band

Saturday 27th January
Doors Open @ 7pm

Tony Sarno has toured the USA, Canada, Europe,
Australia, Argentina and Mexico with his own band or as guitarist with Felix Cavaliere's Rascals , David Clayton Thomas ' Blood Sweat and tears, Dee Archer and Peter Tork.
Over the years he has shared concert bills with BB King, as well as bills with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hall and Oats, Johnny Winter and Little Feat.
Tony has recorded critically- acclaimed Rock and Blues albums and his music has
appeared in the The Craig Brewer film Poor and Hungry, and on the Masters of the 
Blues cd compilation with Albert King, Buddy Guy, and The Allman Brothers.
" I very much look forward to playing for the blues/rock lovers in Australia for my
third tour there. The passion that we share for this honest music will be celebrated
as I perform with the PowerHouse Darren Jack band, featuring Darren Jack on guitar and vocals , Chris Nable on drums , Al Britton on bass and Mike Gubb on keys

Royale With Cheese Presents: Rage Against The 90's

In November 1992, Rage Against the Machine unleashed their self-titled debut album on the world.   Hailed as a “striking, politically conscious debut", it went to #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and was acclaimed as “the first album to successfully merge the seemingly disparate sounds of rap and heavy metal".   The album has stood the test of time for its musical genius and social conscience.   Royale with Cheese has been wowing audiences across Sydney with its 90s shows which usually close out with a couple of RATM songs.   To celebrate the 25th anniversary of RATM’s debut album, Royale with Cheese will be playing a few select shows playing the entire album in addition to a second set of a best of the 90s.   Billed as Rage Against the 90s, these shows will bring the energy of RATM to fans of the band, new and old.   Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate a classic 90s album in its entirety!


Lyn Bowtell

FEBRUARY 18th 2018

“She has one of the most amazing voices in this country, I love this
beautiful woman and her talent” - Kasey Chambers

Lyn Bowtell is one of Australia’s finest Singer/Songwriters, possessing a
powerful, emotional and evocative voice recognised by her peers as one of
the best in the business.
Lyn first came to prominence as songwriter and singer for multi award
winning Country Pop trio BELLA, since then she has released two critically
acclaimed solo albums, ’SECRET SONGS' (WJO) in 2012, and ‘HEART OF
SORROW' (Maven/Sony) in 2014.
Lyn’s new release ‘CALLING YOU’ marks a distinct departure in musical style
from her roots in alternative/pop country, brimming with the singer's soulful,
striking vocals and connecting deeply with raw emotion, highlighting the
powerful and sublime voice that turned heads and 4 red chairs on national
television in Channel Nine's The Voice Australia earlier this year.
Now the six time Golden Guitar winner is heading in a new musical direction,
with a broader, larger audience ready to follow.
‘I'm no longer willing to be confined in a 'genre box', I want to show a wider
audience my full range as a singer and songwriter. I feel so connected to
‘Calling You’, the songs are bright, bold and exciting and I can't wait to share
Join Lyn for an evening of stunning, heartfelt vocals and beautifully crafted
songs in this entrancing acoustic show.
Lyn Bowtell is a Toyota Star Maker winner, MO Award winner, APRA Song of
The Year finalist and six time Golden Guitar winner.


Free Fallin – A Tribute to Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Saturday 24th February
Doors open @ 7pm

Free Fallin' - A Tribute to Tom Petty” will be a night of true celebration. The late Tom Petty amassed what is arguable one of the best catalogues of material in the modern rock era, with boundless bona fide hits, and album tracks that have proven almost as iconic. It’s a body of work almost impossible to pay tribute to effectively. Regardless, for 4 select shows spread across Sydney, the 5 piece "House Band”, led by multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter/record producer Michael Carpenter, will be joined by a wide range of special guests from the Country, Folk and Americana worlds to perform as many Petty tracks as can be squeezed into a 2 set, 2.5 hour show. This show promises to be a memorable, yet appropriate celebration of the music of an artist who stood above most others for over 40 years.

Harry Manx

Sunday 25th February
Doors Open @ 6pm

Harry forged this distinctive style by studying at the feet of the masters, first as a sound man in the blues clubs of Toronto during his formative years and then under a rigorous five-year tutelage with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt in India. Bhatt is the inventor of the 20-stringed Mohan Veena, which has become Harry’s signature instrument.
Even though he had played slide guitar for many years before arriving in India, he started back at the beginning under Bhatt’s tutelage, even re-learning how to hold the bar. From there, Manx learned Eastern scales and eventually ragas, deceptively complex and regimented musical patterns that form the basis of Indian composition.
He spent three to four hours each morning practicing in Bhatt’s home before returning that evening for a jam session with the tutor, his sons and various other fellow musicians. “Sometimes I’d throw in some blues licks in the middle,” he says, “and everyone would fall over laughing and enjoying themselves. And I thought if I can get Indian people to enjoy Western music like that, then maybe I could get Westerners to enjoy Indian music, too.” Harry decided to explore this thread of connection between the two musical traditions.
His signature style follows in the footsteps of such pioneering work as that of Joe Harriott and John Mayer and their Indo-Jazz Fusions in the 60s, John McLaughlin’s work with Shakti in the 70s, and Ashwan Batish’s innovative Sitar Power debut in 1987. Manx’s Indo-blues hybrid seems destined to be the most universally appealing yet.
Born on the Isle of Man, Manx immigrated to Ontario with his parents when he was six years old. He started doing sound at age 15 and gradually worked his way up to becoming a regular sound man at the well-known El Mocambo club in Toronto, where he worked with a slew of blues legends. While Manx doesn’t consider himself to be a blues artist per se, he does admit that blues is at the heart of much of his work. “I’ve always had one foot in the blues from those days … what I got from those artists is a groove that’s fairly similar to theirs. That’s what I’m particularly interested in … the groove, and that’s the way I play blues today”

The Eskies (Ireland) + Support


Rhythm Section presents Ireland’s The Eskies as they bring their unique brand of folk noir/gypsy jazz/sea shanty and swaggering stage spectacle to Australia in 2018.
The band have been rousing ballrooms and booze houses far and wide, sullying soirees and lowering inhibitions of get-togethers and social occasions wherever they have ventured.
Purveyors of music that meanders from sea soaked waltz to Italian tarantella, from Brassy funeral march-esque lament to weep along Klezmar knees up, from chain gang holler to rag time finger snap. Skipping through the dark side of anything that makes you want to dance, steeped in melodrama and usually with not a small amount of tongue in cheek.
Their debut album 'After The Sherry Went Round' is in shops now and is also available for
download from iTunes.

"Like a wagon storming the citadel, The Eskies' brand of gothic-tinged gypsy-folk swaggers out
of the speakers with intent." - Hot Press Magazine
"From the sinister sway of ‘Eloise’ through to the jaunty ‘Jesus Don’t Save Me’ and the driving
‘Jailhouse Sun’, The Eskies have delivered a fascinating blend of fun-fuelled folk." - The
"The album is a raucous fanfare of folk, swamp blues and unquenchable merriment, paired with
brain-burrowing melodies and witty lyrics, delivered at breakneck speed." – Goldenplec
"Indeed, the album exudes a vim and vigor that bursts from out of the speakers...makes for an
incredibly entertaining experience." - The Last Mixed Tape
'‘The Eskies are a band that we seem to keep finding ourselves turning to for The Salty Dog
Stage at Electric Picnic. They have the ability to take an indifferent half-listener and turn him or
her into a frenzied, hopelessly unselfconscious dervish inside of a short set. They perform
intelligent, beautifully crafted foot-stompers with cackling humour and delicious musicianship.
They emerge from the fog of dry ice and the fallen masts and sails of the shipwreck looking for
all the world like the crew that clung the boat in the storm, and the music they deliver feels like
it was written for that particular stage, on that night, for that audience. Few bands achieve that
in a lifetime.'’ - Hugo Jellett - Festival Organiser - Salty Dog Stage - Electric Picnic
“Easily Ireland’s best 5-piece gentlemen’s club who play gypsy-folk-noir with occasional brass
and wind sections. Yes, they are that good. Go see them and become an instant fan.” - Joe.ie -
August 2014
''Think Gogol Bordello if they'd stumbled, naked and raving, out of the Dublin mountains rather
than Eastern Europe.'' - Craig Fitzpatrick - Hot Press - July 2014
"Assured, swaggering and fearless" "Relentlessly Energetic" "Like a jet-powered gypsy wagon"
- Colm O'Reagan, Hot Press


Eugene "Hide-Away" Bridges

Saturday 24th March
Doors Open @ 7pm


Eugene is a nomadic musician living his life on the road. His home is wherever the next performance takes him, and every year this is from America through Europe, to Australia with many other stops in between.

Born in 1963 in New Orleans and raised in Amite, Louisiana, the son of Otheneil Bridges Sr, also known as blues guitarist Hideaway Slim, Eugene is the fourth child of five. His mother was from the Bullock family (the same as Anna Mae Bullock better known as Tina Turner) and Eugene claims he got his guitar skills from the Bridges side and his voice from the Bullocks. At five he was already playing with his father around Louisiana; with his brothers as The Bridges Brothers he sang gospel and was the musician of his church touring with the Pastor, Elder AA Edwards. At thirteen Eugene was entering R&B talent shows and had formed his first R&B band The Five Stars. Aged sixteen Eugene joined the Air Force, playing in the Air Force band for the next three years. On leaving the Air Force he joined The New Chosen on guitar and vocals and went on to play with The Mighty Clouds of Joy.Following a move to Houston, Texas in the 1980’s Eugene released Blues, Gospel and R&B recordings by the three bands he was running at the time. These included the first line-up of the Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges Band. They toured the USA from coast to coast.Eugene then travelled alone to Europe, where BB King Bassist, Big Joe Turner spotted him in Paris and offered him the position of guitarist and vocalist with Big Joe Turners Memphis Blues Caravan.A year later Eugene left to work under his own name again and formed The Eugene Hideaway Bridges Band. Signed to the Blueside label, Eugene recorded Born to be Blue, produced by Mike Vernon. His live performances received rave reviews and Eugene was awarded UK's Blueprint Magazine Vocalist of the Year.  He also won The Trophees France Blues 99 Chanteur De L’Annee.

In 2000 Eugene signed to Armadillo Music and released his next CD, Man Without A Home, which got worldwide airplay. Eugene appeared, often headlining, at major festivals in the USA, all over Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, whipping up a storm wherever he went with his distinctive southern sound.The 2003 release, Jump the Joint, reached Number 4 in the US Living Blues Charts, charting for three months. Eugene’s songs also appeared regularly in The National Association of Rhythm & Blues DeeJay charts. He was nominated for three 2003 US Cammy Music Awards.In September 2004 Eugene recorded his next CD, Coming Home, at The Zone Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas, using a full horn section on several tracks, led by Seth Kibel. Texan guitarist and friend Rocky Athas also joined him on two cuts.After four CDs recorded with a full band, Eugene’s next self titled release Eugene Hideaway Bridges was recorded with friends and fellow musicians met on the road. Lucky Oceans co-founder of the Western Swing band Asleep at the Wheel plays Pedal Steel on three tracks and Texan legend Ray Wylie Hubbard lays down some fine Slide Guitar on I Can’t Wait. This CD was nominate for two 2008 US Blues Music Awards.

March 2009 saw Eugene in San Antonio to fulfil his fans wishes for a Live CD. With the line up of Bobby Baranowski on Drums, Eric King Bass, David Webb Keys, Seth Kibel Sax and Justine Miller on Trumpet, you have the real deal. Live in San Antonio was nominated for two 2011 Blues Music Awards in the Soul Blues Album and Soul Blues Artist Categories.January 2011 Eugene is back in the Zone Studio, Dripping Springs, Texas with Pat Manske as Producer. Pat has previously produced both of Eugene’s Blues Music Award nominated albums. The new CD Rock And A Hard Place is Eugene and his big band. Horns again led and arranged by long time collaborator and maestro Seth Kibel. David Webb on Keyboards, Hammond B3, Piano and Wurlitzer, Lloyd Maines on Pedal Steel, Eric Lollipop King on Bass Guitar, Calep Emphrey on Drums, Seth Kibel on Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxophones and Flute, Shane Pitsch on Trumpet and Mark V Gonzales on Trombone.

Blues, Soul, Jump, Funk, Gospel, Rock and Beach Music all make Eugene’s CD an upbeat journey through all the musical influences that have made Eugene the seasoned and versatile performer we have today. Rock And A Hard Place charted at No 4 in The Living Blues Radio Chart for July 2011 and Eugene was a triple 2012 Blues Music Award nominee in the following categories; Album of the Year for Rock And A Hard Place, Soul Blues Album for Rock And A Hard Place and Soul Blues Artist. The Blues Music Awards are universally recognized as the highest accolade afforded to musicians and songwriters within blues music.

Turning fifty in 2013, Eugene wanted to put together an eclectic, retrospective collection of thirteen of his own songs and four covers in Roots & Vines. Moving from a traditional song learnt in church as a young child, to songs about his life, travel, lost loves and a treasured 1981 Datsun 720 truck Nelly Bell! Eugene’s 2015 release Hold on a Little Bit Longer features a full horn section on several songs led by John Mills with Kevin Flatt on Trumpet and Jon Blondell Trombone. Bobby Baranowski is back on Drums, with Otto Williams, Bassist, who first played with Eugene 15 years ago. Australian Clayton Doley plays Hammond B3 & Piano. Guesting on the title song, playing slide guitar, is Micky Moody, better known for his time with Whitesnake.

Hold on a Little Bit Longer charted at #6 in The Living Blues Charts for September 2015. The Blues Foundation Memphis, TN nominated Hold on a Little Bit Longer for two 2016 Blues Music Awards in the Contemporary Blues Album & Contemporary Blues Male Artist categories. The US Jus’ Blues Music Foundation have announced that Eugene Hideaway Bridges is to be their 2017 honoree for the Albert King Lifetime Award, “The Lucy Award”, for his outstanding contributions in continuing to keep the style of traditional Blues alive.

Fire & Rain – The James Taylor Songbook


1970, it’s the dawn of a new era, the sixties have gone and left in their wake, is a darker, disillusioned world, a world which is searching for answers. The Beatles announce that they have disbanded, Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin both die of drug related excess, but amidst these ashes, every time you turn on the radio, you can’t escape the soothing, intensely personal reflections of a song called ‘Fire & Rain’. For all those who heard it for the first time, they knew that something had changed, the era of the singer-songwriter had arrived and James Taylor was crowned it’s king.
Darren Coggan, award winning performer and star of the critically acclaimed show ‘Peace Train - The Cat Stevens Story’, takes us on an eloquent journey through the songbook of one of the most magnetic figures in the music world, articulating moments of pain and joy, tragedy and triumph, fire & rain.
“For over forty years, James Taylor’s songs have resonated with people everywhere” said Darren, “He is undoubtedly one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our time. I remember listening to his music as a kid, he moved me then and still moves me now.” 
Heartache, despair and confusion are common themes for artists to mix into their creative palette, however, few musicians have experienced those feelings more intensely than James Taylor, a modern-day troubadour, who channelled his self-destructive impulses into some of the most memorable songs of our time; How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, Country Road, Carolina In My Mind, Sweet Baby James, You’ve Got A Friend, Shower The People, Fire & Rain and many more.
James Taylors’ songs testify to the beauty and redemptive power of music.