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Dive into an exciting learning journey with the Crafty Herbalist Immersion Course at Lindengate Charity.

This year-long course offers more than just an education in herbal medicine; it's a profound experience that will change how you connect with nature, understand sustainability, and manage your own physical and emotional health.

Throughout the course, each session will build upon the last, starting with the basics of herbal remedies and progressing to a variety of herbal preparations such as glycerites, oxymels, poultices, infused oils, salves, electuaries, and much more.

As the seasons shift, so will your confidence, your herbal skills and understanding, mirroring the natural growth and renewal of the world around us. You'll learn to use plants for wellness, fostering a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle for years to come.

In this relaxed and friendly setting, you will enjoy hands-on learning with two experienced herbalists. Each workshop is a chance to connect with fellow plant enthusiasts, and the herbal products you create are yours to take home, symbolising your growing herbal experience.

Lindengate Charity, with its beautiful grounds, stunning apothecary garden and adaptable teaching spaces, provides the ideal learning environment. It's a place where you can grow, find inspiration, and deepen your understanding of medicine.

Dates and Times (10am to 1pm):
15th March 2024
19th April 2024
17th May 2024
14th June 2024
12th July 2024
2nd August 2024
13th September 2024
11th October 2024
8th November 2024
6th December 2024

Mikron Theatre at Lindengate

Join us for an evening of laughter and fun as Mikron Theatre Company presents ‘Common Ground’. All profits from the event go towards supporting Lindengate.

Rambling and our rights of way. The Pendale and District Ramblers are looking forward to their 50th anniversary walk. But the path has been blocked by the landowner. How will they find their way through? Maybe we’re all just trying to find our own way. A diverting ramble through the history of land access in England, from the Norman Conquest to Lockdown, via the mass trespass at Kinder Scout.

Get your boots and jacket, and join Mikron for a hike through history.