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Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales
'Owdyado Theatre Company

Twisted Tales is a hilariously dark triple bill of riotous comedies that reveal the darkness under the domestic, the lengths people will go to for love & how to wash bloodstains out of a carpet. Why have three strangers; a brash Bristolian, a Cockney wide-boy & an introverted blogger been summoned to play a deadly lockedroom mystery? Who is the bandaged man, obsessively in love & held captive inside an upmarket flat, counting down the seconds until it’s time for HER to return & the “thing I can’t say” to begin? How will two children’s' TV presenters dispose of a corpse before time runs out? All they have is their wits, their arts & craft skills & a foul-mouthed, criminal genius glove puppet. Join us for an anarchic night of Twisted Tales and consider “how far would you go to get what you want?
For their fifth outing ‘Owdyado Theatre brings you three twisted tales from three distinct voices. Inspired by cult TV series The Twilight Zone and Inside No. 9. This series of dark comedies is co-written by Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister (A View from the Edge, Above Bored) as well as distinguished Cornish writers Brett Harvey (Brown Willy, Weekend Retreat) and Jon Welch (Spillikin, Swivelhead).
“***** as engaging as it is extraordinary” West Briton, Above Bored, ‘Owdyado Theatre
**** “A unique and intriguing production” (The Guardian on Spillikin by Jon Welch for Pipeline Theatre)
“**** uproariously funny but has hidden emotional depths” The Film Sprites on Brown Willy by Brett Harvey for o-region

Saturday 02 March 2019 - 7:30

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel
Uchenna Dance

Hansel & Gretel, our superhero guides discover a strange and colourful world.
Finding themselves in a new country, full of strange sights and smells, Hansel & Gretel must outwit the adults to find their way back to their father. Our story celebrates children’s tenacity, as we watch Hansel & Gretel tackle situations that would have the bravest of adults shaking in their boots. Uchenna’s choreographer Vicki Igpokwe will bring her fierce movement vocabulary, a blend of House, Waacking, Vogue, African and Contemporary, to tell this story with an
Uchenna twist

suitable for age 5 plus