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The Syrian Baker 16TH October

This is an intimate show done in the round . Doors will open at 7.00 You will be able to take your seats at 7.15 There will be a basic bar. The Show lasts about 65 minutes followed by more bread baking and chat

A play full of food, song and hospitality.  

In a world in which almost 5% of the earth’s population, desperate to get away from trouble, are on the move. This is a story of a grandfather and grandson who have decided to go home despite the state of their village/country. Told with hope, irrepressible humour and bread… “because without bread no one will come back.” 

“Pack your bags and put on a good pair of boots because there will be a lot of walking, and a waterproof jacket and a hat and gloves, because it will be cold at nights.  Bring a good book, because we always need stories.”

From the company that brought you Brilliance and The Iranian Feast Farnham Maltings has created a new play about the world and how small actions can make a big difference.  Expect songs you have never heard and food you have never tasted. 


Puss in Boots (El Gato Con Botas)

MID WALES OPERA CANOLBARTH CYMRU Mid Wales Opera’s fifth SmallStages tour kicks off our fairytale season with Catalan composer Montsalvatge’s beautifully crafted one-act version of the familiar tale of ‘Puss in Boots’, El Gato con botas. Premiered in Barcelona in 1948 and rarely performed, this age-old children’s story tells of the wealth-seeking, match-making cat who, in return for a hat, a sword and a pair of boots, secures for his young master (a lowly miller) a kingdom and a royal marriage to a princess, tricking a slow-witted ogre out of his castle along the way.

From its opening Montsalvatge’s music is energetic, tuneful and full of catchy rhythms, lush melodies and feline musical effects! MWO’s production features 5 singers, singing in English, and 5 players showcasing a new chamber arrangement by Jonathan Lyness. The second half will feature a cabaret style collection of popular and entertaining musical items featuring all the performers.