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Marcus Sedgwick and Dr Sam George: The Battle of the Books

To celebrate publication of The Monsters We Deserve, a reappraisal of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, prizewinning author Marcus Sedgwick and gothic expert Dr Sam George go head to head in the battle of the books, Frankenstein v. Dracula.

Ed Vulliamy: When Words Fail

Ed Vulliamy has lived the music, met the legends, and asked, when words fail, might we turn to music?

Martin Rowson: The Pen is Mightier Than the Word

Martin Rowson explains why The Pen is Mightier Than the Word.

Iain Sinclair: Living with Buildings

Iain Sinclair, one of Britain’s finest writers, embarks on a journey to explore the relationship between our health and the buildings that surround us.

Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate: The Inking Woman

Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate discuss The Inking Woman, 250 years of woman cartoon and comic artists in Britain.

Will Ashon: Chamber Music

Will Ashon tells the story of Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers and how it changed the world.

Robin Ince: I’m A Joke And So Are You

Robin Ince, co-presenter of BBC Radio 4's The Infinite Monkey Cage, seeks to understand the world around us, and to examine the human condition through the prism of humour.

Bobby Seagull: The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers

Bobby Seagull explains how the magic of numbers can change your life.

Peggy Seeger: First Time Ever

Peggy Seeger, one of folk music's most influential artists and songwriters, talks about her life and times.