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Holiday Cottage

An Hysterical Comedy That Borders The Realms Of Being Called A Farce.

PETS proudly presents its Spring Production which is a very funny comedy by one of our very own, Terry Gardiner.

Ray and Emma Dudley are a hardworking couple throughout the year and travel to a holiday cottage that they have rented for a fortnight of total relaxation; if Ray can keep from trying to use his electrical skills to fix any little thing around the place, that is.

Imagine the confusion that ensues when, after a five hour drive, they discover that the cottage is already occupied by Gary and Margo Peterson.

To make matters worse a third couple are on their way down.

On top of all this add Leonard, the Letting Agent who seems incapable of leaving any of them alone to settle in.

Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th April 2024 - 7:45pm (doors open 7:15pm)