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Creative Stitch and Textiles - 12:30pm

Creative Stitch and Textiles
Tutor: Claire Grahame
Cost: £95 (ten weeks)
This term we are doing a button project.  We are looking in particular at a Vietnamese artist called Phan Thu Trang. She paints landscapes of rural life using pointalisum. We will be using various techniques along with buttons, beads and stitching.  A brief and have examples for everyone to look at at the beginning of the term.

MARVELus: All the MARVEL Movies…Kind Of

Friday 1 October - 7.30pm Live Indoors
The Just Us League presents:
MARVELus: All the MARVEL Movies…Kind Of
Squeezing (almost) all the MARVEL movies into an action-packed evening of laughs, their short punchy sketches and high-energy style will delight the whole spectrum of MARVEL fans; from those that have seen just one movie to mega-aficionados who know the franchise inside out.  It’s weapons-free comedy that takes no prisoners.

Simon Watterton - Beethoven Cycle (live and streamed)

Sunday 3 October - 4pm
Tonight's second half contains some of Beethoven's most ravishing, satisfying music: from the warmth and profundity of the late E Major to the flowing darkness inherent in the 'Moonlight.'
(These concerts will be socially distanced according to government regulations at the time)

The Red Stripe Band

Friday 26 November - 8pm
Neil and his fellow Red Stripers are back, celebrating 25 years in the business!