What Makes a Good Book Illustration?

Wednesday 6th – Sunday 24th April 10am-4pm
Admission Free
GB Publishing Org, founded in 2013 by George S Boughton, is a small indie publisher based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK, with several book award winners/finalists. Born in Eritrea, Boughton grew up in Rome, New York and UK. His working life, before finally settling in England, was in Nigeria, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. A Chartered Engineer (M. I. Mech. E) he is also an author with a passion for nature and art.

This exhibition is on illustrations made for an exciting selection of book covers, on a broad range of interests – from children’s fiction, picture books and young adult fiction, to cultural history, biography and memoir, political satire, poetry, science fiction and fantasy. Featured are titles such as Dennis to Alice, a movie-in-a-book produced in the COVID pandemic about a dam in a river, flooding, pollution and a pair of geese nesting while attacked by a squirrel, boaters and foxes. More about climate change and wildlife is in You are Noah!, TV Tie-In to the Noah’s Ark series on building the most ambitious conservation park ever, and Plants & Us, an amazing, illustrated history of plants and culture.

Judge for yourself which illustrations and cover designs best match the content of the books on display. What would you do differently?

George Boughton told us, ‘Books are magical, like no other medium, they take our minds through doors to unexpected spaces and on journeys to unimagined worlds. They are mind benders, nurturing our creativity, with the rich pages of words complimented by the illustrations.’
The exhibition will be opened by Councillor Tony Popham, Mayor of Elmbridge, by invitation only, on Thursday 7th April.

You’ll also have a chance to meet illustrators and authors and buy some of the illustrations and books on display.

GB Publishing Org https://www.gbpublishing.co.uk/art-gallery

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