The Selfish Giant - Riverhouse Barn Christmas Production by Scoot Youth Theatre

Charlie and LG are best friends. Charlie loves animals. LG loves dancing.

One day they discover a beautiful garden which quickly becomes their favourite place in the world, even though they know it belongs to a terrifying giant.  But when the giant comes home and finds them both in his garden, he is furious, and he throws them out. He even builds a wall to stop them ever coming back. Without the children there to look after it, the garden stays covered in snow, forever winter.

The giant can’t understand why spring won’t visit him. It’s up to Charlie and LG to save the garden before it is altered permanently - but can they make the giant change his ways?

Scoot Theatre’s new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s rebirth tale focuses on young people's power to change the world. Charlie and LG must learn to face their fears to save the garden they love so much. But can they lead the miserable old giant back to his inner child and make him understand the damage he is causing to his environment?

Scoot’s 30-minute production, full of original music by musician Phil King and stunning puppetry, is suitable for children and giants alike but is particularly aimed at ages 4-10.

It will be performed by Scoot’s own youth theatre, Scoot Youth, who have been an ensemble for over one year now, meeting every Saturday morning at the Riverhouse Barn.  Scoot are spending the whole autumn term preparing for the Christmas show!

Scoot Youth is an open, inclusive environment for all young people between the ages of 11-19. There is no requirement for any previous acting experience. It is a youth theatre which exists to empower young people: gives teenagers the space to tell the stories important to them – to have their voices heard and understood.

Adult - £12
Child - £12
Family ticket for one adult and two children - £30

Performance dates: Wednesday 20 - Saturday 23 December 2023

Wednesday 20 Dec  - 6 pm
Thursday 21 Dec      - 6 pm
Friday 22 Dec           - 4pm and 6 pm
Saturday 23 Dec      - 11 am and 2 pm

Riverhouse Community Christmas Exhibition: The Selfish Giant

Our interactive Christmas exhibition will reenact the magical transformation of the Selfish Giant's garden.  On show there are illustrator Jess Smith's artwork in an AR presentation and arts and crafts by local students. You are also welcome to come and help to bring Spring to the garden!

The Selfish Giant's Garden Exhibition will be opened till 6pm on 20 - 22 Dec 2023. Come to visit the Selfish Giant's Garden before seeing the show!     
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF