The Sherriff Talks - A Theatre Peculiar and Almost Awful: The Old Vic

Opened in 1818, The Old Vic would eventually become home to Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre where it remained until it moved to its new home on The South Bank. But for over 200 years some of the greatest and in some cases, most controversial actors, have trodden the boards of what was known as ‘Queen Victoria's Own Theayter’.

Tickets - £3 cash on the door
Combined ticket for The Sherriff Talk (11:30am) and Silver Screen Club Screening (1:30pm) -  £5 cash on the door (reserve your space for the screening here)

Tuesday 23 April 2024 - 11.30am

The Sherriff Talks series - A season of Talks on the subject of theatre, film, music and literature.
Through The Stage Doors: Raising the Curtain on London’s Famous Theatres Is there anything more exciting than the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd? Since the first playhouse opened in 1576, the theatres of London have ruled the theatrical world. This series of Talks enters the stage doors of some of the most famous Theatres in London: The Palladium, The National Theatre, The Old Vic, The Theatre Royal, Haymarket and the greatest theatre in the world, The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

27 February – The Little Theatre in the Hay: The Theatre Royal, Haymarket
26 March – The Home of Variety: The London Palladium  
23 April – A Theatre Peculiar and Almost Awful: The Old Vic  
21 May – A Realised Dream: The Royal National Theatre  
11 June – Mr Garrick’s Fireside: A Personal History of The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane  

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