Beautiful Strange - Retrospective Exhibition

Wednesday 12 June 2024 – Sunday 7 th July 2024

MOPH has exhibited in Europe and the United States with artists such as Gary Baseman, Travis Louie, and Paul Insect and has been in shows curated by Roger K Burton of the Horse Hospital, Turner prize winner, Tai Shani and acclaimed portrait artist, Stuart Pearson Wright. MOPH has also won and been shortlisted for many prizes such as the Churchill Design Award, Fide Illustration Prize, Surrey Heritage Fund and The Winter Pride Award.

MOPH’s work is inclined toward the figurative, he learned to paint based on the principles of abstraction and expressionism, he has a fondness for Outsider and Lowbrow Art. He has always collected images related to visual media in all of its forms, from newspapers, magazines, and posters to film - using a found image as the seed to trigger a painting or a drawing but always allowing his imagination to take over and go way beyond that of the original image.

In this exhibition you will see an eclectic exploration of the artist’s inner consciousness, starting with a pastel work made on the floor of a rented room when at art school at the age 22, semi abstract paintings made in a crumbling house in Northern France at the age of 27, paintings made on found objects from the streets of Greenwich – table tops and cupboard doors at the age of 30, to paintings being created in the studio at the age of 42.

MOPH now lives and works on the river in Shepperton, dividing his time as an art tutor and a practicing artist.
Robert Phillips Gallery
Riverhouse Arts Centre
Manor Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 2PF