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Lyngo Theatre presents Hansel and Gretel

A musical theatre version of this classic brother and sister tale of adventure and magic where we’ll have you humming along throughout and cheering as the witch slides down into our flaming oven.

Is hunger stronger than love? In this story it seems to be as the poor woodsman’s empty stomach goes to his head, he gives in to the boney stepmother and they leave Hansel and Gretel in the forest, not just once but twice – and the second time there won’t be any moonstones to follow back home. Instead they follow their noses to the sugary heart of the forest where the witches are waiting. Hansel and Gretel’s musical journey takes them from a house with empty cupboards and a stepmother who doesn’t like children to a house made of sweets and someone who just loves children – on toast!

Lyngo serve up a musical theatre treat with their own special recipe of multi-roled performances, captivating songs and beautiful imagery.

Ages 4+, duration 1 hour

Sat 16, Mon 18, Tues 19 & Wed 20 December, 5pm
Sun 17, Thur 21, Fri 22 & Sat 23 December, 2pm & 5pm
Tickets £9 / £7

Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF