Luke Rollason's Infinite Content

Luke Rollason's Infinite Content sees the rubber-limbed physical comedian go digital and merge with the internet. Imagine a slapstick Black Mirror performed by the lovechild of Mr Bean and Inspector Gadget, but with advert breaks. Delivered in a box by Amazon, Luke is the funniest algorithm of all time, on a mission to be more entertaining than the internet. It's clown versus the web, as we enter the cloud and tumble through communal videogaming, spam-calls, spot-on printer impressions and an upgrade to comedy that sees the audience's attention span control the show. Switch on your phones, and switch off your brains - it's the entertainment grudge match of the century.  
Infinite Content is a disorientating, entertaining and surreal sensory overload - just like the internet. It's the most addictive comedy show ever. 

Date: Sunday 21 July | 6 pm
Age: 14+
Price: £5
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street