Ventnor Fringe: Millicent's Favourite

Inspired by the sensational Isle of Wight seascape, playing original, traditional, dynamic & uplifting acoustic music with an energetic performance, delivered with a warm and friendly stage presence ... Millicent’s Favourite has a core of English folk tunes, ancient and modern, that welcomes the diversity of music from other regions and cultures. Music knows no borders or walls. As a band they have developed their own style which seeks to retain the energy of traditional tunes while presenting them in careful and varied arrangements. Foot tapping ‘Millicent’s Favourite’ aim to draw you into echoes of the tradition that might stir your soul, and give space to reflect on the woods, hills, coast and rich inspirations of people, places and Nature which breathes and flutters and roots itself in the beautiful landscapes all around us.

Thursday 25th July - 1pm 
Tickets: £6, £4 Conc.
All Ages
Ventnor Arts Club
13 High Street
Isle of Wight
PO38 1RZ