Ventnor Fringe: Major Versus Minor DJ Experience (Fri)

Original audio and visual experience
FEMALE DJ-ing with a difference
DJ MAJOR strictly vinyl 60s-90s – analogue, nostalgia
DJ MINOR millennium plus – digital, trendy, modern

Music mixed with extracts from:
Commercials (Ariston and on and on…, Smash Potato)
Pirate station Jingles (Radio Caroline, Atlantis or London)
TV themes (Are you being served, Dallas, Flipper, the Lone Ranger)
TV voices (The Waltons, Ali G)
Film Scores (Jaws, Psycho, Star Wars)
Film Quotes (Hasta la Vista, Here’s Johnny)
Famous Voices (Prince Harry, Simon Cowell)
Historic Speeches (Ich bin ein Berliner (or is it: Ich bin ein Springfielder), the Donald)
Cartoon Tunes (Batman, Thunderbirds, the Flintstones, Family Guy)
Cartoon Voices (Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Homer, Donkey)
And don’t forget the Shipping forecast or Pacman

Screens projecting old ads and historic news clips + a trip round the Isle of Wight

Friday 26th July - 9pm
: £3
The Mill Bay
The Mill Bay
3, Esplanade
Isle of Wight
PO38 1JR