Ventnor Fringe: Wombmates

Full Pelt Theatre present their ‘ultra-sound’, bizarre physical comedy Wombmates. Travel through the trimesters with identical (yes, identical) Geordie twins, from conception to delivery. Winner of the TOAST of the Plymouth Fringe 2017, Wombmates is an intimate insight into the unseen lives of foetuses everywhere. Nine months in sixty minutes, a hilarious peek inside the belly that will entertain and even educate. But whilst all that time gives these boys the chance to play, discover and explore, when their nine months are up, they begin to there really life after birth? 

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th July - 9pm
Tickets: £10, Fringe Friends 2 for 1
Hygeia House
High Street
Isle of Wight
PO38 1LT