Ventnor Fringe: Emma Ashley-King: Accio Fandom

"How I became a part of something, many things and found a family through fandom."

Straight from premiering at Brighton Fringe, Emma Ashley-King brings her pit-stop tour of fandom told through comedy and cabaret to the Ventnor Fringe.

Featuring personal anecdotes relating to conventions & stage doors, to dramatic fan fiction recitals, dancing, musical interludes and some alternative lyrics to the 80s song 'Superman'. Accio Fandom is a show that pokes fun at herself/other geeks while being accessible to those who know little about it. A little surreal, lots of heart and all performed while cosplaying as She Hulk. Accio Fandom is a comedic 101 of fandom and celebrating both the friendships made through it and the lives who are touched by this weird and wonderful world.

Semi-finalist of South Coast comedian of the Year 2019.

"Emma is the hilarious and acceptable face of fandom. Comic cons, Cosplay, autograph-stalking - she's seen it all, done it all and extracted all the humour and put it into her material. Never predictable, always hilarious, Emma makes the world of geekdom a joyful and funny place." - Matt Roseblade

"Emma is entertainingly relatable" - Dan Churchley of Solent Comedy

Friday 23rd July 2021 - 6.30pm
Free or Pay What You Can at venue
The Nest
Ventnor Park
Park Avenue
Isle of Wight
PO38 1LE