Ventnor Fringe: OnTheWight & The Book Bus presents: What is it about The Arts that makes us happy?

The Arts are back baby!

Look around you - we’re all straight out the gates and hungry for galleries, gigs and festivals. Life is moving on, the world is waking up, and arts and culture are a part of our daily lives again.

The last 18 months gave us a unique opportunity to realise what’s most important to us - and it turns out we really, really missed the arts. The arts make us happy in a way nothing else can.

But WHY?

Join OnTheWight’s Simon Perry and speakers from the world of The Arts; theatre, film, TV and music, as we attempt the answer that exact question:

What is it about the arts that makes us happy?

A light-hearted look at why we love the things we love, why The Arts have never been more important, and why it all matters.

Thursday 29th July 2021 - 3pm
£8 Under 25 £5 Culture/Unlimited Pass 2for1
Ventnor Arts Club
13 High Street
Isle of Wight
PO38 1RZ