IOW Children's Festival 2022: Mermarella - Cinderella of the Sea

Kidnapped from the fresh blue river water to the  salty green sea,  will Mermarella ever be accepted and find love again in this foreign kingdom? The story best known as Cinderella shape shifts into the world of the seas, linking nations and hosting creatures from both fresh and salt water.

Must Mermarella  really become something else to achieve her dream, or might her differences enchant and inspire the dances everyone shares? Puppetry and  shadow theatre for thinking families and the young at heart of all ages. 

Friday 22nd April 2022 - 11am & 2pm 
Tickets: £7.50 Unlimited Pass Free Culture Pass 2or1
Family Friendly
Duration: 40 minutes

Apollo Theatre
Pyle Street
PO30 1JT