Ventnor Fringe 2022: History of Sea Salt on the Isle of Wight (SOLD OUT)

Why is the sea salty? Why is it essential for life? Why was the Salt Industry so important centuries ago on the North of the Isle of Wight, Lymington and Pennington? Wight Salt is the first SeaSalt business on the Isle of Wight for nearly 90 years since the closure of the Newtown Saltern in 1930. Simon Davis, owner of Wight Salt will give a fascinating traversal of a forgotten, but highly significant industry. Eschewing modern, energy intensive methods, Simon will show how Wight Salt uses wind and sun - methods of the ancients to harvest a salt using sustainable means.

Saturday 30th July 2022 - 4pm - 5pm
Tickets: £8
All Ages
Ventnor Arts Club
13 High Street
Isle of Wight
PO38 1RZ