Noel James

Noel is a 54 year old charismatic performer whose quick wit, warmth and charm
have served him well in the stand up comedy clubs of the UK and overseas. He has been involved in both performing and writing for theatre, radio and television. His passion for acting stretches beyond the confines of just comedy; his versatility and readiness to learn new skills have opened up other avenues, including presenting and musical entertainment.

“The funniest joke I’ve ever heard – Almost certainly it was by Noel James. Go and see him live to hear it.” – Jon Richardson, The Guardian 2017

From The Shropshire Star, January 2019.
Top-of-the-bill Noel James recently became an overnight sensation after more than 20 years on the comedy circuit thanks to a semi-final finish in Britain's Got Talent. The Welshman's motormouth style, a constant stream of one-liners, puns and clever wordplay, brought to mind a combination of Milton Jones and Eddie Izzard.
The Swansea comedian throws in a few surreal impressions, such as using his guitar bag to turn himself into the Elephant Man before playing the 12 bah blues with an array of sheep noises.

I thought he was bah-rilliant.

Friday 3rd May @ 7pm
Tickets £12.
The Dragon Theatre
Jubilee Road
LL42 1EF