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Story Café

 3.30pm Sunday 24 September - A Squash and a Squeeze, 3.30pm Sunday 26 November - Mrs McTats and her Houseful of Cats 

African Day Drumming Workshop

Saturday 7 October, 2pm

Learn the basics of African Drumming beats - drums provided or bring your own. Great fun for all ages.

African Day Dance workshop

Saturday 7 Oct, 3.15pm

Get moving with the Bantu Dancers – Adults and Children of all ages welcome.

African Open Day performance

Saturday 7 October 5.15pm

A high octane, super entertaining mix of African Dance and Music which will get you up and on your feet! 

Lucky Dip Disco

Sunday 15 October, Sunday 19 November & Sunday 10 December at 3.30pm
A retro disco party for children under 7 with their grown ups. Hosted by local award winning musician and DJ, Janek Schaefer.