Planetary Agency - Riverhouse Sustainability Workshop for Children (Aged 7-12)

Everyone can be a vital part saving our dear Planet Earth! Join us in the three-session workshop The Planetary Agency and learn how to help us all live towards a sustainable life. Join the Planetary Agency and Become a Champion for the Earth!

Step into the exciting world of the Planetary Agency and embark on a journey to become one of our esteemed agents! Our educational programme, designed for children and young people, ignites creativity and dynamism as we tackle pressing environmental issues head-on.
Led by environmental journalist and climate researcher, Uuka Idi, this project aims to impart knowledge to our younger generation in an engaging and interactive manner. From climate change to the significance of forests and environmental challenges in local communities, our workshops delve into these topics from diverse perspectives, fostering a deep understanding of our planet's needs.
Participants will not only gain valuable insights but also earn the prestigious title of Planetary Eco Agents. Equipped with a commitment to environmental protection and a network of like-minded peers, they'll be prepared to champion a future of harmonious coexistence between humanity and environment.
Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our programme not only educates about the 17 SDGs but also empowers individuals to take tangible actions towards achieving them.

Each session will be packed with missions, fun facts, and lots of discussion.  You will explore climate and environment, through games, films, science experiments, crafts and a mini-eco-Olympics!  Feel free to book any one or all 3 sessions. Attendees will be presented with a certificate for taking part in The Planetary Agency. 

Dates of the three sessions: Sunday 23 June, 30 June, 7 July 
Workshop time: 12:00 - 14:00pm
Venue: Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre (we may use the barn, the art studio, the courtyard, and the sensory garden) 
Parents are welcome to stay behind and join your children for some fun learning.

Sunday 23 June Session 1
What is Green House Effect?

Sunday 30 June Session 2
Forest and Small Communities

Sunday 7 July Session 3
Mini Eco Olympics

The last session on 7 July will be taken place during Green Elmbridge Sustainability Day, where we will invite the families to join our Planetary Agents to participate in an end-of-course mini olympic game session, a short talk by Diana Thornton (Oxshott Net Zero and Take The Jump Ambassador) about 'Take the Jump' initiative, a certificate presentation and graduation.  

FREE admission (Donation welcomed) 
Limited space: We are recruiting only 10 Planetary Agents for each session! 

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Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF