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Rules for Living

Sam Holcroft's Rules for Living is a fresh take on an Ayckbourn-style situation: a Christmas family gathering. First performed at the National Theatre in 2015, this playful black comedy cleverly reveals the coping strategies we all adopt to get through life.
As the family’s unspoken rules are laid bare, even Mum (who has been preparing the festive lunch since the previous January) gets embroiled. Her son Matthew is partnered by nervous actor Carrie but secretly nurses a passion for his sister-in-law Sheena. Meanwhile Sheena, a compulsive drinker, is unable to suppress her anger at her cynical, under-achieving husband Adam or her anxiety about her psychologically damaged daughter Emma.
Accusations fly, relationships fall apart and chaos ensues. The rules are there for all to see – audience included – and there’s nowhere left to hide!
‘Bitingly funny and sharply observed’ Exeunt
‘Simmering resentments boil over into an almighty, uproarious melee’ Variety

The Houghton Weavers

THE HOUGHTON WEAVERS have been entertaining folk for 47 years with their unique blend of popular folk music, humour and audience participation.
In their time together, the group - comprising of Steve Millington, David Littler and Jim Berry - have performed thousands of concerts, recorded over 30 albums, and starred in several of their own highly successful BBC radio and TV series.
THE HOUGHTON WEAVERS  promise a fun-packed show suitable for all the family. There will be plenty of laughter and the old favourites such as the Blackpool Belle, Matchstalk Men and Wild Rover to sing-a-long to plus new songs and funny stories galore!
The Houghton Weavers guarantee a wonderful evening of entertainment and their experience – together with their style and professionalism – ensures that, as their motto says, they always `Keep Folk Smiling!’

Tickets £15.00
Show Starts 7:30pm

Blackadder the Third

Scripts by Ben Elton and Richard Curtis

Adapted for the stage by James Last and Morgan Sweeney

In his Georgian incarnation, E. Blackadder Esquire is head butler to the Prince of Wales (a spoilt, foppish idiot), ‘dogsbody’ Baldrick is still coming up with ‘cunning plans’ and much time is spent at Mrs Miggins’ coffeehouse.

For this Christmas show, James Last and Morgan Sweeney have adapted three of the funniest episodes from the much-loved TV series. In ‘Sense and Senility’, the Prince employs two aging actors to advise him on public speaking. In ‘Nob and Nobility’, Blackadder gets entangled in the French Revolution and scoffs at the heroic Scarlet Pimpernel. And in ‘Duel and Duality’, Blackadder finds himself having to fight the Duke of Wellington, with some help from his mad Scottish cousin MacAdder.

Many will remember the hilarious 2013 Playgoers’ production, Blackadder – The Tudor Years. This Georgian version is likewise guaranteed to have everyone in stitches in the run-up to the festive season.

Show Details
Doors open: 7.00pm
Performance: 7.30pm
Running Time: 2.5 hours
Dates: Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th December 2022
Adults £12.00
Concessions £11.00