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Season 2020: How to Spot an Alien

By Georgia Christou

Presented by kind permission of Nick Hern Books

What do you do if you think your aunt is an alien? Twelve-year-old Jelly and her brother, Jonjo, have their suspicions. She won’t let them leave the house – or ask questions. And she definitely won't let them in the attic.

Join Jelly and Jonjo on their quest to discover the truth in a rip-roaring adventure through space, full of friendship, fun and flying saucers.

First produced in 2018 by Paines Plough in a co-production with Theatr Clwyd, Georgia Christou’s play is ideal for children aged five and upwards.
Take this opportunity to introduce your children to the magic of live theatre, performed by talented young Cumbrian actors aged 8 to 18.

Show Details
Doors open: 6.30pm
Performance: 7.00pm
Running Time: To be announced
Dates: Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th May 2020
Adults £8
Concessions £6

Burlesque'd Live! In the Lakes!

Come breathe in the diamonds, lace and glitter and step into a La Vie En Rose world. 

Dive into the Magic of Burlesque'd. 

Starring a Cast of West End Talent. 
Created and Choreographed by Ashley Luke Lloyd (Dreamgirls), 

Burlesque'd is an immersive dream world of Beauty, Passion and Glamour, whatever your shape or size! 

Empowering Body Confidence from around the Globe!  Burlesque'd is a Musical celebration of Showgirls and the world of Showbiz. 

Burlesque'd brings you Dynamic Dancers, Stellar Vocals, Powerhouse Divas and all the ingredients for you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! 

Come Be Burlesque’d – An evening you will not forget! 
What are you waiting for – Book Now! 

Show Details
Doors open
: 5:30pm
1st Performance: 6pm
2nd Performance: 8pm
Running Time: 75 minutes, with short interval
Date: Sunday 10th May 2020
All Tickets: £16.00

Season 2020: Whodunnit

By Anthony Shaffer

This comedy thriller, by Anthony Shaffer, has all the dazzling cleverness we associate with the author of Sleuth, and keeps the audience guessing right to the end. 

In true Agatha Christie style, six strangers and a butler have gathered for a black-tie dinner in a wealthy lawyer's mansion during a thunderstorm. Those present include an aging rear admiral, a bitchy aristocrat, an elderly archaeologist, a dashing young cad and an outrageously drunken butler. There is also Andreas Capodistriou, a smooth-talking serpent of a man, who is intent on blackmail. As he works his way around the guests, the sub-plots thicken…

‘A torrent of merriment’ New York Magazine

Show Details
Doors open: 7.00pm
Performance: 7.30pm
Running Time: 2.5 hours
Dates: Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th June 2020
Adults £12.00
Concessions £11.00

Season 2020: The Merchant of Venice

By William Shakespeare

Often considered one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays, The Merchant of Venice deals with religious intolerance, hate, greed, vengeance and love. In many ways, it is as relevant today as when it was first performed over four hundred years ago.  

A young Venetian needs money to woo a rich heiress. His friend Antonio, a merchant, wants to help but his money is tied up. While he waits for his investments to pay off, Antonio asks Shylock (a Jewish moneylender) for a loan – and they strike an unusual, and dangerous, bargain. The plot rapidly unfolds and tension mounts, with riddles that need to be solved, young lovers running away in the middle of the night, disguises, intrigues, missing jewellery and a life-or-death courtroom scene. 

Fittingly, this Theatre Royal Shakespeare Players production sets the play in the 1980s – a time when instant wealth was everyone’s goal and politicians said there was no such thing as society. The Merchant of Venice is, above all, a dark and very modern tragedy.

Show Details
Doors open: 7.00pm
Performance: 7.30pm
Running Time: 2.5 hours
Dates: Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th July 2020
Adults £12
Concessions £11

Season 2020: Rules for Living

By Sam Holcroft

Sam Holcroft's Rules for Living is a fresh take on an Ayckbourn-style situation: a Christmas family gathering. First performed at the National Theatre in 2015, this playful black comedy cleverly reveals the coping strategies we all adopt to get through life. 

As the family’s unspoken rules are laid bare, even Mum (who has been preparing the festive lunch since the previous January) gets embroiled. Her son Matthew is partnered by nervous actor Carrie but secretly nurses a passion for his sister-in-law Sheena. Meanwhile Sheena, a compulsive drinker, is unable to suppress her anger at her cynical, under-achieving husband Adam or her anxiety about her psychologically damaged daughter Emma. 

Accusations fly, relationships fall apart and chaos ensues. The rules are there for all to see – audience included – and there’s nowhere left to hide!

‘Bitingly funny and sharply observed’ Exeunt

‘Simmering resentments boil over into an almighty, uproarious melee’ Variety

Show Details
Doors open
: 7.00pm
Performance: 7.30pm
Running Time: 2.5 hours
Date: Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th October 2020
Adults £12.00
Concessions £11.00