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Accidental Death of an Anarchist

This play premiered in 1970 and has been performed across the world in more than forty countries. It is based on the aftermath of a bombing in 1969 and the death of a suspect while being interrogated by police.  The play uses comedy as a subversive tactic to highlight the flaws in the official account of the incident.

The action takes place on the upper floor of a police station where previously an anarchist has died after falling from an upper window.  In an attempt to avoid a scandal, an investigation is planned to establish whether he was pushed, jumped or fell by accident.  Into the police station is brought a fraudster known as The Maniac.  When left alone in the inspector’s office he intercepts a telephone call, finds out about the investigation, and decides to have some fun. He adopts several disguises and personas and leads the officers into more and more ridiculous reconstructions of how the incident occurred, exposing cover-ups and corruption.

Although the subject matter would not be initially thought of as a suitable for comedy, the antics of The Maniac and his quick wit and daring in this political farce result in hilarious scenes as he creates mayhem to undermine the investigation.

Included in the Season Ticket

Date: Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th July 2024
Start Time: 7:30 pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

Summer Circus

"Roll-up for a colourful summer circus show!

Join  Ringmistress Betty Barnum and clown Silly Billy in a Big Top Adventure for all the family.

This larger than life stage show is full of hilarious comedy capers, songs and giant puppets.

There's crazy plate spinning, magical illusions, a whirlwind juggler and a beautiful contortionist.

Bringing all the laughter of panto and all the excitement of the Big Top to the stage.

Don't forget to say hello to our big cuddly mascot characters including Leo The Lion and Bertie The Bear.

Don't miss the Summer Circus Show - Limited seats available so book now!"

Logan Paul Murphy-Elton John Song Book Live!

At just 17 years old Logan Paul Murphy is already making a name for himself in the music industry.
Aged 13 ,Logan from Workington in Cumbria, was spotted busking in Liverpool by the management of the world famous Cavern Club. He was then offered to play a set on the famous stage and since then was invited to play at International Beatleweek in Liverpool for the last 3 years.
During this time he self taught himself the piano and became an internet sensation , he now has a strong world wide and Celebrity following.
In 2022 he auditioned at the London Palladium in front of a capacity audience and the Britain’s Got Talent judges.He received a standing ovation and four yes’s from the celebrity judges. Logan has recently taken his show on the road selling out the world famous Cavern Club Liverpool along with other theatre venues around the UK .
This is Logan's Elton John Songbook live show ONE VOICE! ONE PIANO! ONE GUITAR! covering the songs of ELTON JOHN in his own special way. Logans commitment to performing high quality shows is well known and this will be no exception

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th September                 
Start 7.30pm - Doors open 7pm
Tickets £15                 


Treasure Island

Treasure Island, adapted for stage by Millie Hardy-Sims, is based on the 1883 timeless adventure novel of the same name, written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
A story which paved the way for the image of pirates as we know them. Treasure Island is a story of hardship, loyalty, coming-of-age and adventure which has delighted audiences for over 130 years.
It is the late 18th century. Piracy is rife amongst the seas and many coastal towns live in fear.
Young Jim Hawkins lives with his Mother in their rundown inn along the Bristol Coast. Theyve seen better days, and just as things are looking desperate for the Admiral Benbow, a stranger appears seeking shelter. He is brash, tattooed, scarred and permanently drunk. His appearance in the inn quickly brings down bad fortune upon the Hawkins family.
Their quiet inn is soon host to many bloodthirsty and brutal pirates who are in search of just one thing – a map to the treasure of the long dead notorious Captain Flint.
Little do they know Jim has already found the map and fled the inn, a warning ringing in his ears... Beware the one legged man.”
Jim soon finds himself on a seafaring adventure in search of the treasure, accompanied by family friend Doctor Livesey, fierce Captain Alexander Smollett, silver-tongued Squire Trelawney and a salty, one-legged sea-cook by the name of Long John Silver. Along the journey they must battle storms, find what to do with drunken sailors and try to keep their heads above water on their way to the island.
All that, and a rumour that there be pirates.
A true-to-book adaptation for the stage suitable for all the family.

Included in the Season Ticket


Date: Wednesday  9th – Saturday 12th October 2024
Start Time: 7.30pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.

Rumple & Punzie - Rising Stars

Everybody knows Rapunzel, and most people have heard of Rumpelstiltskin, but did you know Rumple is behind Rapunzel's story? No? He is in our fairytale mash-up performed by young actors this October.

October 26th & 27th
Start time 6:30pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Ticket price £10, or Grop of 4 for £38.00

An Evening of mediumship with Debra Chalmers

Come along to heartfelt evening of messages from the spirit world with  Debra Chalmers.
Debra Chalmers has worked as a medium for many years now and is passionate about bringing forward the communication of loved ones in the spirit world. She knows that there is no death! and when we realise this and are released from our fear we can be joyous in life knowing our loved ones walk with us.
 Debra’s background was in the NHS where she worked as a qualified nurse and latterly in senior management and leadership. She has trained extensively at the world renowned and prestigious Arthur Findlay College.

Show start 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Doors open 7pm
Tickets £12

Blithe Spirit

When author Charles Condomine and his wife, Ruth, invite 2 friends for dinner they decide to spice up the evening by also inviting the local eccentric medium Madame Arcati.  Neither couple believe she is genuine and expect a very amusing evening but when Madame Arcati accidentally manages to summon up Elvira, Charles’ dead first wife, things change.  Only Charles can see or hear Elvira and she is bent on mischief and has a plan to be able to be with Charles for ever. In the following days Charles has to negotiate between his two wives, one of which cannot see or hear the other.  This leads to all sorts of misunderstandings.  In the end Ruth is so fed up with the whole situation that she sends again for Madame Arcati in the hope she will return Elvira from whence she came.  Was this a wise move or will it push Elvira in attempting to secure Charles for ever? Will she succeed or will the plan go horribly wrong?
Blithe Spirit opened in the West End in 1941 and ran for 1997 performances.  Coward’s witty dialogue, sparkling wit and farcical situations mean that it remains a popular play with audiences today so why not join us for a little séance.  After all what could go wrong?

Included in the Season Ticket


Date: Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th December 2024
Start Time: 7.30pm

Doors open:  30 minutes before performance times.

Tickets: £14
Tickets can be bought online or in person at the theatre each night of the show.


Merry Christmas Mary Poppins

2024 marks the first year where Mary Poppins becomes public domain, so Happy Thoughts Drama Company is featuring her in a brand new adventure this Christmas!

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st December 2024       

6.30pm start

Doors open 6pm
Ticket Price £15 Full, £7.50 Concession

Season Ticket 2024/25



I'll Be Back Before Midnight - Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th April 2024
Accidental Death of an Anarchist - Wednesday 3rd - Saturday 6th July 2024
Treasure Island - Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th October 2024
Blithe Spirit - Wednesday 9th - Saturday 7th December 2024