How does it compare on price?

We charge 2% plus £0.40 per ticket and typically the payment processing charges are 1.4% plus £0.20 per transaction. How does this compare with other providers?

It sounds like a simple question but comparing ticketing providers pricing is difficult - and that’s putting aside the difference of features and services provided. Each provider seems to have a different approach. Some charge a percentage only, some charge a lower percentage combined with a flat fee per ticket. Some do not mention payment processing fees. Some charge a flat monthly fee. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Frankly, unless you actually do the maths, it is very hard to compare. So, let’s do the maths!

Let's do the maths!

In order to compare providers, it is important to use a representative order. Let’s take a typical order of two £15 tickets, a £30 order. Usually, people do not go out on their own, so on average orders are likely to contain two tickets or more.

Enter the numbers that are representative to your own business.



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Ticketing Software
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Payment Processing
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Ticketing Software
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Some ticketing software companies charge a flat monthly fee, for example £10,000 for £250k of sales (plus payment processing fees) or $650 for 1,000 ticket sold (plus payment processing fees). How do you compare these? It is tempting to use the numbers provided to find out the cost, such as $650 for 1,000 to get a software cost per ticket of $0.65. However, when doing this calculation, you have to remember that it is the best case scenario. If you were to only sell 500 tickets, you would still pay $650 making the cost per ticket jump to $1.30. The best way forward is to calculate the best and worst case scenarios and see how they fit in your comparison.