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Sell your event tickets

Software to sell events tickets online, in person and over the phone. Manage events, orders and customers from any computer. Get set up for free in just 24 hours. Ticket sales money can go directly to your bank account, providing you with total security and optimum cash flow.

Sell More Tickets

Sell tickets online via our easy-to-use and professionally designed interface. It only takes four steps for users to purchase their chosen performance and seats.

Save Time

We design and set up your entire box office. We provide training and ongoing support. You can manage everything yourself or ask us do it for you.

Save Money

We offer two pricing options and volume discounts. You get paid after each ticket is sold and pay us after the event. Read more about on the pricing page.

Social Distancing

Let your customers choose their seats from a seating plan and manage social distancing automatically between each group of booked seats.

Event Capacity

Manage the number of customers at any one time and place easily. Create as many areas as you need and control the number of people they can have.

Staggered Admission

Control the flow of customers with timed ticketing. This helps reduce queues and overcrowding, improves safety and increases customer experience.

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Trusted by many venues worldwide, the Little Box Office ticketing solution provides ticketing software and services to meet the specific business needs of venue owners, event organisers and ticket agents.

Find out more about the benefits and features available. Read what our customers think about the software and service we provide. Better yet, why not contact us to discuss your specific requirements?

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The service is really straight forward and represents great value as the functionality is spot on. We are delighted to have found 'The little box office'. Ticketing our events has never been better.

James Grimsey
Arts1 School of Performance


We have been very impressed with the patience and guidance given to us during the set-up period and, indeed, are still being given. We are very happy that we chose this system.

Isobel Smith
Westacre Theatre


The little box office are an amazing company offering a great service and they are super helpful. I would highly recommend them, and am grateful for how much easier my life now is as a result of their flawless service.

Tom Swift
Captiv8 Productions
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