Edwin Cripps

Edwin Cripps is a self-taught and well-established ‘Absurd’ artist from Surrey, with over 40 years of experience. His paintings are a great chronicle of the peculiarities of contemporary life, commenting predominantly on the current social classes with their bizarre mix of odd behaviors and characteristics. No subject area is taboo – religion, sex, class, obesity, addiction, etc. Look closely at the tightly painted images and you will find all the quirks and vagaries of humankind presented there. Take a look at ‘Diamond Geezers’ and ‘Sub-Creatures with Special Needs’ and you can see why ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ was a regular source of inspiration at breakfast every morning!
Cripps has a desire to unmask contemporary society and reveal a true nature. To quote Frank Zappa: - “Absurdity is the only reality."

Wednesday 4 – Sunday 8 March
Free Admission

Robert Phillips Gallery
Riverhouse Arts Centre
Manor Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 2PF