Rescheduled - Simon Watterton - Beethoven Cycle (live and streamed)


The cycle closes with Beethoven's final sonata offering, the transcendental C Minor op.111. But before that there's the high-jinx of the early sonata op.22, the warm-heart of the E Flat op.31 no.3 and the wonderful 'Les Adieux,' one of his most clearly programmatic works.

And to finish, that great C Minor sonata, as Beethoven bids farewell to the genre that he took from Haydn and Mozart and bequeathed to the entire Romantic generation to follow.

30 Jan ‘Les Adieux’ 

RESCHEDULED - Sunday 30 January 2022, at 4pm
Tickets: £20 (Please book household bubble tickets according to the government regulations. As per our COVID-19 policy, this performance will take place with a half capacity audience.)
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