Little Red Riding Hood - Lyngo Theatre

A wardrobe can take you to magical spaces, to all sorts of stories and wonderful places...

Ours is a portal to the snowy wild wood where something is roaming the forest, animals are mysteriously going missing and a little girl has just received a beautiful red cloak from her granny. Open our doors and it all comes alive through puppetry, songs and music from hidden hatches and secret compartments.

We're sure you'll say what a great show we've got - all the better to thrill you with!

"Almost cinematic in its storytelling....all loved the effects, the magic and the catchy songs. 50 minutes of pure childhood joy!" number9reviews

Watch the trailer here!

Suitable for ages 3 - 8 

Tickets: £10 (child), £12 (adult), Family ticket of £25 (for one adult and two children)
Fri 16 December,          2pm and 4pm
Sat 17 December,         2pm and 4pm 
Sun 18 December,        2pm and 4pm 
Mon 19 December,       2pm and 4pm 
Tue 20 December,        2pm and 4pm 
Wed 21 December,       2pm and 4pm 
Thu 22 December,        2pm and 4pm 
Fri 23 December,          2pm and 4pm 
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF