Loving Earth Conversations (virtual discussion)

Friday 8 January, 7.30- 9pm (via zoom)
Join us for a Panel discussion exploring some of the different approaches to addressing some of the environemental topics raised in the Loving Earth Exhibition. What impact can individuals have? What can businesses, governments at all levels and international organisations do and how can we as individuals best address the converstaions and move the issue up the political agenda?

Lindsey Fielder Cook
Representative for Climate Change, Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva. Lindsey’s work at QUNO focuses on climate change and environmental degradation as a peace and justice concern, engaging at an international level with the climate change negotiations, climate science, human rights efforts, while seeking to connect international progress with grassroots efforts.

Sandra Buck
Sandra is a local activist with Extinction Rebellion (XR) Elmbridge and will present a personal perspective informed by XR’s analysis and approach to the climate emergency, and holding the focus on what we can all do to help save our planet.

Laurie Michaelis
Laurie has been focused on the challenge of humanity's relationship with our planet since the 1980s and is drawn to less-travelled pathways. After starting out as a climate policy analyst, he led research and learning on sustainable living, but most recently has been supporting collaborative structure and process design in community-based organisations.  

Linda Murgatroyd
Linda initiated the Loving Earth Project, initially through the Quaker Arts Network. She finds creative activities can be helpful in addressing challenges in life, especially if done mindfully or prayerfully, and they nourish our spirit as well.  She used to work in social statistics.  

Stella Weinrich
Stella is working as Carbon Reduction and Sustainability Officer at Elmbridge Borough Council. She can offer a unique insight into the opportunities and obstacles she faces helping the organisation to become carbon neutral. In her experience multi-disciplinary settings and working with a range of stakeholders is key to address the climate challenge.

Friday 8 January, 7.30- 9pm
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF